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Kentucky Balancer



  • Complementing a diet with a high inclusion of oats
  • Feeding at a constant rate of 2 kg (4.4 lbs) per head per day

Kentucky Balancer is a densely concentrated mix for racehorses in full work, specifically developed to be used alongside oats. The mix has increased levels of key nutrients to offset the mineral deficiencies and imbalances found in traditional cereal diets.

Kentucky Balancer is high in oil and 'super fibres', in the form of sugar beet pulp, and is heavily fortified by Stamm 30® for maximum vitamin and mineral supplementation. The formulation fully complements a ration with a high inclusion of oats, and is especially designed to be fed at an intake of 2 kilograms per head per day. It gives extra flexibility, as the oats 'top up' the energy levels, while the balancer remains constant to fortify the cereals, and add extra oil and 'super fibres' for energy.


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