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KERx EO∙3™

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  • Working horses from light to heavy work
  • Pregnant mares
  • Stallions


  • Maintaining joint health and supporting joint function
  • Skin and Hoof Condition
  • Supporting lung health in stabled horses or those in hard work
  • Suckling Foals


EO.3™ is a unique source of omega-3, derived from marine sources that can help maintain an optimal omega-3: omega-6 fatty acid ratio in equine diets. These essential fatty acids cannot be made by the horse and have to be supplied by the diet. There are two main categories of essential fatty acids, omega-3 and omega6 fatty acids. Grass fed horses receive a large proportion of omega-3 essential fatty acids from their grazing. Hay and cereals contain less omega-3’s. The equine body is more suited to a diet higher in omega-3’s compared to omega-6’s. Modern feeding regimes, combined with management and an increased reliance on conserved forages could mean that some horses are receiving a higher proportion of omega’6 fatty acids. Supplementing the diet with EO.3™ will help to restore balance.  

Source of omega-3 is key

Plant derived omega-3’s are converted in the body from their basic form to more complex and highly effective forms. Marine derived omega-3 sources supply these more complex forms directly into the body and therefore are a more potent way of supplying omega-3’s.


Add 30-60ml to the feed

Horses in heavy work, recovering from illness and breeding stallions may require 60-120ml

For best results gradually introduce the EO.3™ into the diet over a period of 5-7days and divide between the daily feeds.   


Serving size: 30ml 

Container sizes: 946.6ml (32 days) 


Complete our FREE ‘FEED ADVICE’ form, and receive a detailed, nutritional consultation from our in-house nutritional team, alternatively, for immediate advice call the advice line on 01622 718 487.

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