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KERx EquiShure®

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  • Horses fed high starch / cereal-based diets
  • Horses sensitive to changes in forage / grazing
  • Horses showing signs of digestive upset or loose droppings that may have a strong smell
  • Horses that are prone to colic
  • Horses that don’t maintain weight well, or have a poor appetite



  • Time Released hindgut buffer proven to reach the target organ
  • Helps to maintain a normal hindgut environment and digestive function
  • Stabilises hindgut pH to reduce the risk of hindgut disturbance
  • Encapsulated sodium bicarbonate to ensure it is released slowly as it travels through the digestive tract 
  • Supports digestive health and may improve feed efficiency



EquiShure is an encapsulated form of sodium bicarbonate which is designed to directly target the hindgut of the horse. This hindgut supplement is suitable for horses showing signs of altered digestive function and those which have been diagnosed with hindgut acidosis. When horses are fed high starch rations or may consume high quantities of sugar from rich grazing, the pH of the hindgut decreases, and fibre digesting bacteria are inhibited. This decrease in pH creates an unfavourable environment for the microorganisms in the hindgut which in turn impacts on digestive and hindgut function. The unique time release mechanism has been shown to support stable hindgut pH through a targeted release of sodium bicarbonate directly into the hindgut. Horses that are on high starch diets or those that are sensitive to high sugar levels i.e. in lush grazing, have an increased risk of hindgut disturbance and development of hindgut acidosis. A sign of impaired hindgut function can be loss of appetite or development of ‘fussiness’ towards feed.

In these cases, supplementing the diet with EquiShure can help to stabilise hindgut pH and support digestive function. Research has shown that supplementing the diet with EquiShure led to reduced faecal pH levels demonstrating that EquiShure can maintain gut balance and support a normal hindgut environment. Signs of abnormal hindgut function can include loss of appetite, change in droppings or digestive function, changes to normal behaviour, poor weight maintenance, poor coat appearance and development or expression of stereotypical behaviours, such as wood chewing.



Top-dress EquiShure on feed.

Feed 30 to 180 g daily according to the horse’s size and risk levels.

Use the table below to determine recommended daily amount based on the horse’s cereal intake, forage source, and weight. For best results, divide the amount equally among feeds.

Weight of Horse




Low starch diet




High starch diet




At risk periods*

Up to 90g

Up to 120g

Up to 180g

*Change of feed or forage; periods of transitional, lush or stressed pasture such as spring or autumn


Serving size: 60 g (30-g scoop included)

Container sizes: 1.25 kg (20 servings), 3.6 kg (60 servings), 7.2 kg (120 servings), 18 kg (300 servings)


Complete our FREE ‘FEED ADVICE’ form, and receive a detailed, nutritional consultation from our in-house nutritional team, alternatively, for immediate advice call the advice line on 01622 718 487.


Equishure Diagram

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Product Reviews

  1. Certainly helps 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Jul 2015

    controlled grazing and this product have made a huge difference - pony so much more forward and less tucked up - every one happier!

  2. brilliant life saver 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Jun 2015

    After 6 months of being ill, at times being close to being put to sleep my pony was started on equishure and within a few days he was bright and happy and started back in work within a week. I really thought he had come to his end and I was amazed.

  3. fantastic product 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th May 2015

    Absolutely brilliant it has changed my mare beyond belief. Won't be without it now.

  4. What a difference 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Feb 2015

    I bought Equishure following a trial of a few days that my friend gave me. I've been feeding it to my horse as a feed topped for about a week now and he seems so much more calm, he's willing to go forward and is much more loving. Hope this continues!

  5. Hind-gut buffer 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Dec 2014

    I've used this product for the last two years to provide gut support to my mare during the Spring grass flush and have been able to turn out a very grass-sensitive horse with a muzzle where previously she would have stood in; but not thought to use it for the Autumn flush. My trimmer recommended it and with the air temperatures remaining so moderate and the grass continuing to grow on, even in November, it's reminded me that protection against excessive sugar/starch levels in the growing grass are still required.

  6. Disappointed 2 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Nov 2014

    I purchased Equishure because my horse has all the symptoms of hind gut acidosis. It is expensive but definitely worth the money, if it works! However, it made no difference to my horse whatsoever and his symptoms persist.

    I am sincerely disappointed because it has good reviews but clearly it doesn't work on all horses.

  7. Equishure 1 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Nov 2014

    Sadly I had to take my horse off this product as it gave him sloppy stools. Was disappointed with all the good reviews it got.

  8. this product saved our lives 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th May 2014

    My horse was tucked up, aggressive around food, hated being groomed, was herd bound, wouldn't pick up his back feet, was spooky and unrideable.
    All this has gone now thanks to controlled grazing and equishure. He is back to being a lovely calm pony happy in his work and his environment, with a relaxed flank and shiny coat. Would recommend this product to anyone.